Wednesday, October 12, 2005

On Iraq's Constitutional Referendum Agreement

Well by now you all have heard the news about Iraq's new agreement. Publius has all the details.

Just goes to show you what I said yesterday about the very complex way that deals are made in Iraq, and the Middle East. There is a mix of pride, money, staging, bravado, desire for one's goals, power plays, and generally a final calculation at the very last moment of how much one has to lose/gain! (My happiness is making me compare this to a marketplace barter...but really I'm more than aware of the importance.)

Really though, I've got to say that on this one, I've had more faith than some of my Iraqi friends. They have been living it, and when seen from the outside, it seemed to me to be pointless on both sides for things to have remained where they were. Kudos to all involved, if they can hold it together for the next few days, and if they can get the word out quickly enough to the entire Sunni population that they want them to er, completely change their vote.....okay, I'm just being flippant! Really, I doubt that most of the Sunni population would have been led like sheep. Some, to be sure, but most? Those who say that, don't know the Sunni so well I think. Now I think the country has a really great chance to go somewhere, I always have. I'll feel better after the next round of elections though. Until then, I have confidence in all of the Iraqi people that worked so hard to make this happen, and even more so in the people every day there that don't get any credit for the behind the scenes work they are doing to make their country move along the path to being not just the place of the birth of civilization, but the birth of a new civilization.....

One that we can welcome into the fold of peaceful yet resolved nations. Iraqis are good and loyal friends to have.


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Really though, I've got to say that on this one, I've had more faith than some of my Iraqi friends.

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