Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Natural Disasters....

Baghdad is having their own "natural disaster" today, as this report says that 648 have been killed so far in the bridge stampede there this morning.

All of these things, (this, Katrina, etc.) are sad of course, but what is so sad about them is the extent to which they could have been prevented. The tsunami was different, because it was so unexpected. Baghdad was unexpected, but still could have been somewhat preventable by many parties, though this is not the time for me to get into that. Katrina was expected, but many acted too late.

If in some way, it prevents later similar situations, or raises awareness about preparedness, or pulls people together, then in some small way, good will come out of the bad. I'm a firm believer that it always does.


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The tsunami was different, because it was so unexpected.

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