Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Today's run was dedicated to these guys.

Like many runners, I hit "markers." I've been at one for over two weeks now unable to break it. Today, I broke it by simply thinking of "deuce four". If that lieutenant can keep picking up twisted pieces of metal from his buddies' stryker while unable to speak from smoke inhalation, I can run one more mile today. Which leads me to the thought of running in Iraq, and that if all of my friends there can continue on, in spite of not being able to run the streets freely yet as I can, I can run one more mile today. One thought leads to another, and so on like this, until I've found I've more than broken that marker. My personal success in anything depends in good part on the sacrifices of others all over the world.

Every time I need to find inspiration, I can find it in the people all around me. To those all over the world safeguarding freedom....thank you.