Thursday, April 07, 2005

Iraq and the Future.....

Iraq has a history steeped in intellectual thinkers, in great physicians, engineers, and poets alike. There are far too many people that either don't know, or have forgotten that Iraq was once the cradle of civilization. And though many regimes tried to throw them off the path for many years, the history and knowledge is still there, and you will find it in the people and places throughout Iraq. There is a distinct change in the attitudes towards relationships, religion, and government in Iraq. In particular you can see this in the twenty something generation, and in the one upcoming after it. This is the up and coming Iraq.

Iraq is now being shaped by a new government which was portended in the current elections that just happened, and in the outcome of them. Suddenly, after a resounding success with elections, mentions of Iraq in the news worldwide went down. Even on the second anniversary of OIF's beginning, while there was a brief pickup in the overall worldwide coverage of protests against OIF, the main story of the time was the Schiavo case.

This brings to the front a couple of things that I want to address while I'm on this topic. One is that I find it interesting that one can protest something called Operation Iraqi Freedom. I recently had a discussion about this at a dinner with close family members, one of whom is a committed democrat, but thinks she is a committed liberal. Mind you, there's a difference, and when I pointed out, as many others have, that liberalism used to be for freeing the oppressed, she simply sputtered and flushed. No argument did she have for me. Now, there's that, and there's the fact that on that day of the 2nd anniversary of the beginning of OIF, IN IRAQ, THE AMERICAN FLAG was placed beside the flag there. HMMMM. So people in London are really pissed off that OIF happened, but IRAQIS put up the AMERICAN FLAG (and probably the British in places like Basra, I'll find out, because now I'm curious). Judge for yourself.

The other thing that continuallly annoys me is the reference to what is now going on in Iraq as a war. The only way it is a war, is if it is a part of a war on/against terror. It's not a war, in the way that we conventionally think of wars. A war is usually fought to change a governmental regime for one reason or another, or to gain land. This started as a war, a war against Saddam and his regime. And yes, while there are still ba'athists left fighting with the terrorists, the majority of the regime is gone in Iraq. There is a new government, and the Iraqi people are slowly (or in some cases, quickly) grasping the amazing amount of change that has been thrown upon them in the past two years. Fighting terrorists, side by side with the Iraqi National Guard, or the IP, or in some cases Iraqi civilians, is not a "war against Iraq" by any definition I use.

A gentleman was speaking to me not too long ago, very soon after elections, about support for an initiative in Iraq. He said that he was concerned because often they saw that as the media fades on a certain area, and picks up another one, the interest to support the initial area waned. I told him that certainly we had seen this in Afghanistan, and in countries in Africa in the past, just as examples, and that I understood his concern very well. In fact, it was one that I privately shared in regards to Iraq.

I must say, with the huge support that the blogosphere has given Iraq, both sides of life presented by Iraqi bloggers, I was disappointed in the lack of coverage of the final choices in outcome of elections. While it was breaking news in the MSM, it was barely mentioned in the blogosphere. But maybe I should see this as a good thing. Iraq isn't worldwide breaking news anymore. Neither is Australia, Uzbekistan, or Poland. Maybe there's a commonality there that we can enjoy. But don't lose sight of Iraq. They've still got a lot to show us. Some of the brightest minds I've met are Iraqi, and thus I know what their future looks like. I just hope the world gives them the chance to get there.


Blogger Rancher said...

If it's a war it's only because hostile nations, especially Syria and Iran, have sent in armed terrorists. Maybe Iraq should declare war on these nations. And as for the MSM, good news is not news, so only bad news comes out of Iraq. That’s why we need IRTM and diwaniya .

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Medicine said...

Fighting terrorists, side by side with the Iraqi National Guard, or the IP, or in some cases Iraqi civilians, is not a "war against Iraq" by any definition I use.

12:03 PM  

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